Massey & District Community Centre & Arena

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The Massey & District Community Centre

455 Government Road Massey Ontario 705-865-2519


For more information please contact:  

Parks and Recreation Coordinator
Brady Ropp C.I.T.




General Information

Ice Season: September 24th 2012 to March 4th 2013 (subject to change)

Public Skating: Fridays 7:00pm-9:00pm

Family Skating: Sundays 4:00pm-5:30pm

Mom & Tot or Senior Skating: Tuesdays 10:30am & 1:30pm

Hand Sharpening $5.00/pair see staff at arena




Facility Information

Arena:  single pad arena with full canteen service. four dressing rooms and private women dressing area

Sadowski Room: Liquor Licensed hall with capacity of 234. Full Kitchen available for rent

Ball Diamond: Standard size field fully enclosed with lights

Basketball Court: Outdoor Basketball Court fully enclosed no lights


History of Local Recreation

Massey and the surrounding area have a rich heritage in Recreation and Leisure.  The  Lacloche Foothills and the many fresh water lakes make our Township a paradise for any outdoors enthusiast. The natural features in the area are as unique as the storied past of recreation in the area. Massey is the unofficial home of Broomball with the first recorded game dating back to 1919 in which the game took place at the current site of the fairgrounds. The fairgrounds also housed the first rink in the area, the outdoor rink served the community for many years as the local spot to skate and catch a great hockey game. The outdoor rink was replaced in the mid 70's by the current indoor artificial rink located at 455 government rd. in Massey. The Indoor rink is the current home of The Massey Predators Minor Hockey Association.



1919 Massey RED KNOTS

Eldridge Conway, Silas Fairburn, Jim Conway, John Schroeder, Melvin Oyell, Ben Schroder, Harvey Collins, Dr.Mcdermott (Manager) Jackie Mcdermott ( Mascot)   



  1947 Massey Juniors

Top: Keith Reid, Ben Salt, Ed Richie, George Fraser, George Vance, Darcy Marcoux, Hugh Cummings (Coach) Hal Cummings

Bottom: Hank Lachance, Bill Maahs, Ovid Ritchie, Danny Marcoux, Lorne Vance


Ladies Hockey in Massey

Unknown Year or Players


1924 Massey Red Knots

players unknown